Career Transitions

  • Whether on the shop floor or at management level, job loss is a traumatic experience which, if not processed healthily, can lead to depression.
  • Our workshops support participants in processing the traumatic impact of job loss, so they can rebuild their confidence and ready themselves for future opportunities.
  • The workshops are tailored to our clients’ individual needs to address the nature of job loss and provide training as well as practical experience in coping strategies at the cognitive and behavioural level.
  • The facilitators Alexandra Bloch-Atefi, PhD & Victoria Shaw are highly qualified and successful coaches and trainers, having both worked extensively in Australia and Europe. Alexandra has a wealth of experience as a consultant in corporate settings while Victoria has worked at the grass roots level being involved with recruitment, grief processing and life restructuring.
Together they have created workshops that are deeply significant for employees facing job loss and employers in today’s economic landscape.

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